Voice Acting and how to master the art of Reading Aloud Free Download
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Voice Acting and how to master the art of Reading Aloud 1

Voice Acting and how to master the art of Reading Aloud   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to read aloud anything with confidence
  • You will be able to sight read (sometimes called cold read) anything with confidence and expression
  • You will also be able to speak clearly and be able to be understood


  • You need a desire to improve your reading aloud for performance skills
  • You need to be able to print out or have access to the scripts that I provide for exercise/practice during the lessons
  • You don’t need hours and hours of free time – this is a short course, not because I couldn’t do a long course, but because I believe that we are all busy people now and we want to be able to see a difference in a short space of time. However as with anything in life the more you practice the better you will become


‘I think different topics are explained well, and where to emphasize, the different word and emotions. just need to practice now.’ – Joe

‘I was paying $150 a lesson. haha I quit and found this. I learned the same stuff the other person taught me in two classes, within about 15 minutes here. haha Fantastic.’ Josh

The most important skill required for voice acting or voice over work is the ability to read aloud for performance. This is a wonderful skill and one that can also be used to read aloud to children, friends, elderly or sick relatives etc.

We can all read – some better than others – and because of this we all think we can read aloud. The truth is, we can’t. Some of us struggle. Reading aloud is a skill that anyone can learn but there are basics steps to go through. Most importantly is the pace. When we read to ourselves our eyes and brain work very quickly, if you need to vocalise the words you need to give your mouth time to move from one sound to the next. Pausing is also essential and needs to be more frequent and longer than when we read silently to ourselves.

This course has been designed so that you can hop from one lecture to another they are not dependent upon each other, this makes improving your speech and reading aloud  easier for you as you can concentrate on the bits you think you need to.

I have been teaching people to speak clearly since 1994 when I qualified as a speech trainer and in 2014 I obtained my Fellowship from the Victoria College of Drama with a specialisation in Reading Aloud. I have had  articles published in magazines world wide and I’ve also written an academic paper.

I teach this course as though you were sitting opposite me in my own lounge. I explain and demonstrate and then you have opportunities to practice out loud before we move onto the next part of the skill.

Not all (perhaps a very small percentage) of voice acting/voice over work is the very dramatic cartoon type voice. Most voice over work uses an ordinary voice which is clear and has expression. I can teach you how to improve your reading aloud skills so that you will be able to read aloud:

  • serious business corporate  items
  • adverts
  • children’s books
  • classic novels
  • modern literature
  • poetry
  • news bulletins

This course does NOT teach you the technical aspects of recording – I know very little about microphones or sound proofing but I do know that you could have the best recording facilities in your town but if your voice isn’t up to the job it will be waste of a good facility!

This course gives you plenty of opportunities to practice along with me, after all you can’t improve your reading aloud skills unless you read aloud!

Watch my promotional and free sample lectures to see how I can help you and enrol today to learn a new lifelong skill.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to improve their delivery for voice acting or voice over work
  • Anyone who loves the idea of being able to read aloud whether it be for professional work or to friends and family
  • This course does NOT help you find agents or work but it will give you the skills to make getting work easier


Download  Voice Acting and how to master the art of Reading Aloud  Free

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