Vue JS 3 – The Composition API Free Download
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Vue JS 3 – The Composition API, FreeTuts Download

Vue JS 3 – The Composition API   Free Tutorial Download

Vue.js 3 and the Composition API is here!

Learn to build real world apps with the Composition API, TypeScript, Vue Router and testing with Vue Test Utils. This is an intermediate course. We move fast and introduce all the required topics to build highly dynamic, complex single page apps with Vue.js 3 and the new Composition API.

Unlike other courses, testing and design patterns are at the core of everything we do. We explore the new features Vue.js 3 brings to the table. Some of the things you’ll learn:

– how to use and test new Vue 3 features like Teleport and Suspense

– building resuable modules using the new reactivity API

– create a flux store from scratch

– Routing, include navigation guards with Vue Router 4

– Writing and testing complex interactions with Vue Test Utils

– TypeScript to create typesafe applications

This is a intermediate to advanced course; some basic programming knowledge is required. I respect your time and have packed as much content into the course as possible. We won’t explain the same basic concept 10 times over, rather, move quickly and see the same concepts applied in different contexts to reinforce them.

Who this course is for:

  • Vue 2 developers looking to learn Vue 3
  • Intermediate front-end developers


Download  Vue JS 3 – The Composition API  Free

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