Vue.js Headless CMS – Develop Dynamic Websites using Free Download
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Vue.js Headless CMS - Develop Dynamic Websites using 1

Vue.js Headless CMS – Develop Dynamic Websites using   Free Tutorial Download

About This Class

If you are looking to build websites with dynamic content that is easy to create and maintain – then you’ve come to the right place.

Why use a headless CMS?
A headless CMS can come with a lot of benefits, such as the fact that we don’t need to worry about the security, availability and performance of the CMS as this is worked on by the provider.

It also leaves us creating what we like – modern websites – whilst still having full control over the content without changing the code.

Compared to WordPress, Prismic is a lot faster and allows us to write our website or app in any language or framework we want.

This course is great for students with intermediate knowledge of Javascript and Vue.js. 

Before you start watching make sure you have the current version of the Node Package Manager or Yarn installed on your computer.

All important tools you need to install will be covered in the videos. As an instructor, I want to remain available to you. I will do my best to read and to reply to all of your questions and concerns.

Along the way, you can share your ideas or tweak the design. Discover what others share, learn from each other and find new ways to make awesome websites using Vue and Prismic.

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Download  Vue.js Headless CMS – Develop Dynamic Websites using  Free

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