Watercolor Landscapes in Sketchbook


About This Class
Welcome to my second Skillshare class in which you will learn to paint a typical Tuscanian landscape using watercolors!

This class is suited for everyone and I will guide you towards the completion of the painting step by step, carefully talking you through all the techniques and the little tips and tricks I use to get the best out of a painting.

In the first part of this class I will go over all the materials needed to complete the painting and together we’ll see how to create the initial sketch that you can use as a reference, you will also find it as a download in the resources section.
In the second part we dive right into action, painting the sky first, full of clouds, and shaping the cultivated hills where the village is located right after.
In the last part we will focus on the final details of the painting and the tufts of grass in the foreground.

With this class i hope to let you savor the Tuscan atmosphere and bring you a piece of this beautiful country. Are you ready? So, let’s get started!


In the resources section you will find:

The photo of the initial sketch
My full palette. In the videos i tell you the exact colors i’m using
3 photos for you to use as inspirations

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