Watercolour Cityscape – An Old Italian Town Free Download
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Watercolour Cityscape - An Old Italian Town 1

Watercolour Cityscape – An Old Italian Town   Free Tutorial Download

Paint a Cheerful and vibrant Italian Cityscape with me! We will mix paint on paper too. Learn how Indian red and Cobalt blue deep helped in creating the mood of this Cityscape.

In this 40 minutes class, we will sketch the buildings and I know many of you face difficulty in that. Well guess what?! I will show you a way to sketch only the big shapes and I promise rest will fall into places:).

This class is for intermediate and Advanced level, and I will be covering the following elements of a Cityscape –

  • background – sky
  • middleground – buildings, door & windows, bricks (in detailing part)
  • foreground – Perspective lines (to bring the eyes of the viewer into the painting) and integrating people into a painting!

Here for easy note down of Colors and materials used :-


Download  Watercolour Cityscape – An Old Italian Town Free

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