Wayne Gretzky Teaches the Athlete’s Mindset

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WAYNE GRETZKY: You don’t ever know and realize as a human and as an athlete, to what extent you can go to. One of the greatest athletes who ever lived was Jesse Owens. When he won his gold medal, it was pretty remarkable what he did. But over the course of the last 80 years, if you look at how fast a person runs a 100 yard dash today compared to what he did in ’36, you can see how we’ve grown as athletes and how we’ve gotten better and how we’ve gotten stronger.

But if you look at the mind of a horse in horse racing, in one of the fastest times ever, to this day, is still Secretariat in 1973. The nutrition that the horses get today and the training they get is better than it was in ’73, but their mind hasn’t changed. The mind of a human athlete has learned so much, we don’t know to what extent we’re going to get to, because in our minds, we believe as athletes, we’re invincible. We can go better. We can get stronger. We can go faster.



Wayne Gretzky Teaches the Athlete’s Mindset, Free Tutorials Download

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