Web Components & Stencil.js – Build Custom HTML Elements – Customize HTML Templates with Component Web and Stencil Js

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What if you could build your own HTML tags? 

Without frameworks like Angular, libraries like React or JavaScript JavaScript knowledge in general. Just with a magic, the native-JavaScript feature called “Web Components” (or “custom HTML elements”). 

Web Components are a combination of various specifications that are baked into the browser. Getting started with these features is a breeze and you’ll quickly be able to build your own powerful and re-usable (even across projects!) Custom HTML elements. 

Such custom elements do not replace Angular, React or Vue though – you can easily use them in any web project, including projects using such frameworks and libraries. 

In this course, you’ll learn this from scratch.

But we will not stop there. While getting started is fairly easy, more complex components will be more difficult to create. Stencil.js is a tool that makes creating such native web components much easier by using modern features like TypeScript and JSX (do not know that? No worries, you’ll learn it in the course!).


Manufacturer: Udemy 

English name: Udemy Web Components & Stencil.js – Build Custom HTML Elements 

Persian name: Custom HTML components training with Web Components and Stencils JS 

Language: English 

Teacher: Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Manuel Lorenz 

Level of training:Elementary, Secondary 

Time of training: 8 hours + 30 minutes 

File size: 3640 MB

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