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Web Development in Python with Django LiveLessons gets you up and running with the Django framework. You learn how to start Django projects and organize code using Django apps. You structure data and define behavior with Django models. You learn how to generate databases based on Django models, manipulate data in a database with Python, and manage a database with Django migrations. Display the data in your database in HTML using Django URL paths, Django views, and the Django Template Language; or display in JSON using Django Rest Framework’s (DRF) Serializers, Routers, and ViewSets. Securely receive, validate, and manipulate incoming user data in your Django Forms or in your DRF Serializers. You even learn how to run a development server inside of Docker. Finally, you learn how to deploy to the cloud in general and to Heroku specifically.


Producer: Livelessons 

English Name: Livelessons Web Development in Python with Django

Persian Name: Web Development Training in Python with Django 

Language: English 

Teacher: Andrew Pinkham 

Level of training: Elementary, Secondary 

Time of training: 9 hours + 18 minutes 

File Size : 4560 MB

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