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What does an actuary actually do, FreeTuts Download

 What does an actuary actually do   Free Tutorial Download

Whether you are an actuarial student, someone who works with actuaries, or just interested in what an actuary actually does, you may be surprised to hear that the every day work of an actuary may be quite different from what you’ve studied in your course notes or read online.

We can all probably visualise what the work of a doctor, lawyer or teacher entails, but the actuarial profession remains shrouded in mystery.  Even for those who have completed an actuarial degree, there is often a huge gap between one’s theoretical studies and the work one actually does in the corporate world.

This course aims to bridge that gap, providing a practical, intuitive and conversational overview of the typical processes actuaries are involved in, current hot topics in the industry and challenges those in the profession face – all the things they don’t teach you at university or in actuarial exams.

For aspiring actuaries this course will provide a head-start going into an insurance-based job, allowing you to feel a lot more comfortable with real-life actuarial concepts and language, confident enough to join in conversations and  able to express questions you have with more clarity.  It will also help you answer questions like “Is this really the kind of work I want to be doing?  Is the actuarial profession really for me?”

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in becoming an actuary or studying actuarial science
  • Anyone who works with actuaries or in the insurance industry
  • Anyone who is curious about the actuarial profession


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