Windows 10 installation step by step


What you’ll learn

  • Download latest version of Windows 10 directly from microsoft’s website

  • Create bootable flash drives

  • Be familiar with meaning of BIOS and logic of it

  • Learn how to configure computer’s BIOS

  • Step by step windows 10 installation guidance(this also works for older versions like windows 7 , 8 )

  • What are partitions and being familiar with their logic

  • How to create partitions and and format them.

  • How to revert computer’s BIOS configuration after installation of Windows

  • How to buy original product key for activation

  • Learn how to apply your product key for activation

  • Learn how to install drivers in three different ways

  • How to check all drivers are installed properly

  • How to check a driver is need to be installed


  • Basic knowledge of how to use computer

Do you want to learn how to install windows 10? Then this course is for you . In this course you will learn how to download original windows 10 directly from microsoft . In this course you are going to learn how to download form a reliable source without worrying about whether you are downloading a modified windows or not.

After downloading windows 10 you are going to learn how to create bootable flash drives. The reason that nowadays we are using flash drives instead of DVDs is because flash drives are much more faster than the DVDs an they can save a lot of time for us. This isn’t just for windows 10 or older versions . This is almost for all operating systems.

Next you are going to learn what is computer’s BIOS and how it works . You will be familiar with the BIOS menus and boot orders and you are going to understand its logic and the way it works . Also you are going to learn how to configure a computer’s boot orders which is a important part of the BIOS configuration.

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After you learn how to configure BIOS you will learn how to install windows 10 step by step . You will understand what is a partition and how you can divide your hard drive with partitions also you will learn how to format them.

Next we will see how we can buy original product key and then activate our windows. You will be able to install drivers in three ways.

By learning this course you can extend your knowledge in this field and do your computer maintenance by your own without paying to third party repair shops to do it for you . Also by practicing and learning this course you can set your small business and repair other’s computers and earn money . I hope you’ve found this course useful . Gonna see you till end of the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner users who want to become advanced
  • People who are curious about how computers are working
  • People who want to earn money by maintaining and fixing computers
  • People who want to learn to repair and troubleshoot their computer’s by their own

Hi, my name is Kajayer. I have graduated in computer science branch . I have learnt many things about computers and windows that can help you . Since i was young i was so curious about technologies and computers and i was spending a lot of time on learning different skills related to technology . After learning different skills i started to  work on different computers and gained experience . I like to share my experience and knowledge with you . I will teach you useful content about computers and windows.

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