Windows 8 Tips and Tricks Free Download
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Windows 8 Tips and Tricks, FreeTuts Download

Windows 8 Tips and Tricks, FreeTuts Download

Windows 8 Tips and Tricks – Learn Windows 8 Tricks

Get more out of Windows 8. Author David Rivers shares tips and shortcuts for working more efficiently, improving system performance, and protecting your data in Windows 8. Learn to find files quickly, manage startup items, and even log in without a user name and password. The course also includes advice on controlling Windows with time-saving mouse and keyboard shortcuts, customizing the display, working with utilities, protecting your privacy, improving the performance of the operating system, and more.

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Windows 8 Tips and Tricks, FreeTuts Download

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Language: English
Lecturer: David Rivers
Education level: 
Training time: 1 hour + 54 minutes
File size: 219.73 MB

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