Woodworking – Make A Beautiful Wooden Box With A Sliding Lid

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What you’ll learn

  • How to design and make a colourful wooden box with a sliding lid from plywood and masonite
  • Use a jigsaw and router to cut out the pieces from the cutting list (downloadable resource)
  • Prime and paint the box in your own design and to make a colourful gift for a child
  • Fill any cracks, sand and down and smooth off the surfaces and corners of the box
  • Design thinking principles of form and function for a wooden box
  • Learn how to assemble the pieces in a gluing process with clamps and a rubber mallet


  • Equipment: Safety glasses, gloves, ear muffs, craft knife, paint brushes, pencil, marker, ruler, sanding block, primer, jigsaw, router, clamps
  • Materials: Plywood, masonite, glue, paint, wood filler, cleaning materials


In this course you will learn all the exact steps to create a colourful wooden box with a sliding lid. I teach you by making one in this course so that you can see exactly what to do and make your own!

This is a perfect gift or to use in your home and a wonderful craft to learn with skills which you can apply in other projects. Throughout the course you will be with me in my workshop watching and learning from what I do to build the wooden box.


You will also get a detailed project guide that explains all the equipment required as well as the exact steps you need to take for each part of the project.

You can download the resource as a reference and use it to follow along during the course. Each lesson clearly shows the equipment and materials you need as well as what I do from start to finish. Making a wooden box with a sliding lid is very easy if you know what to do and if someone shows you the way to do it.

I look forward to having you in my workshop as you learn this exciting craft. Enrol today and join me as I teach you by showing you so that you can learn by doing.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to make a colourful wooden box with a sliding lid, can be functional or a gift
  • Craft enthusiasts who would like to learn new skills by completing the project in this course



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