XGBoost for Business in Python and R Free Download
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XGBoost for Business in Python and R, FreeTuts Download

XGBoost for Business in Python and R   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • XGBoost framework
  • Code XGBoost in R and Python
  • Confusion Matrix
  • Parameter tuning
  • SHAP values in Python and R


  • Basic knowledge of Python or R


XGBoost is a state of the art Machine Learning algorithm. It is well known for being faster to compute and its results more accurate than other well-known techniques like Neural Networks or Random Forest. XGBoost is also one of the most preferred algorithms in Data Science competitions around the world. Fortunately, it is a very accessible algorithm to grasp and implement.

The course focus is on the application of XGBoost in the business world. We will solve a Direct Marketing case study and conclude that we can increase our sales efficiency by 50% while having minimal impact on revenue.


The learning process is divided into 2. The first part is the Intuition tutorial. The aim is for you to understand why the method makes sense. As well, we will go through all underlying concepts you need to know to implement XGBoost. The second part is the Practice tutorials, where we will code in Python and R, and solve together a Direct Marketing problem.


We will start the intuition tutorial by explaining the Case Study and the problem statement. One of the benefits of giving actual business problems as examples is that you will find similar or even equal issues in your current company. In turn, this enables you to apply what you have learned immediately.

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By the end of the intuition tutorial, you will be able to easily explain XGBoost to your colleagues, manager, and stakeholders.


We will code together. We will start from scratch, building the code line by line. As also an online coding student, I feel this has been the easiest way to learn.

On top, we write the code so you can download it and use it in your work and projects. Additionally, I will explain what you have to change to use in your dataset and solve the problem you have at hand.

XGBoost for Business in Python and R is a course that naturally extends into your career.


The course is an end-to-end application of XGBoost with a simple intuition tutorial, hands-on coding, and, most importantly, is actionable in your career.

Feel free to reach out in case you have any questions, and I hope to see you inside!


Who this course is for:

  • Data scientists curious about XGBoost
  • Business analysts looking into data science
  • Data Analysts looking to learn about XGBoost
  • People curious about learning new Data Science techniques


Download  XGBoost for Business in Python and R  Free

Go to Download Tutorials Page

Password : freetuts.download

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