Yoga For Runners


What you’ll learn

  • You’ll learn how yoga can enhance your running.

  • You’ll have access to a variety of yoga classes to suit your schedule and your needs as a runner.

  • You’ll learn more about yoga and breathing, and how breath control can help your running.

  • You’ll work on your mindset, as well as your muscles, to become a better runner.


  • All you need is an interest in running and yoga!

With a variety of yoga classes and short lectures, you’ll practice yoga to gain strength, flexibility, body and breath awareness, and a strong, positive mindset.

Add Yoga to Your Training Schedule to Become a Better Runner

  • Gain strength and flexibility to help prevent injury and run stronger.
  • Explore themes that relate specifically to runners: trust in the training process, courage to step to the starting line, support for your endeavors, and more.
  • Focus on the breath and the connection it has to your body, which is useful in both yoga and running.
  • Learn more about IT band syndrome, core muscles, restorative yoga, and more.

Yoga for Runners features 14 short pre- and post-run yoga practices, four yoga practices under 30 minutes, and four practices between 40 and 53 minutes. There are also four specialty practices: one for beginners, one for the core, one for hip strength and stability, and one for rest and recovery.

The short lectures give you more instruction about how or why we do certain things in yoga, and how yoga can help make you a stronger runner. Supplemental materials include links to a variety of articles and studies, as well as ideas for how to schedule the yoga practices into your life whether you want to practice twice per week or nearly every day.

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This course is ideal for runners who are curious about yoga and how it can help their running, but want to focus their practices to complement their running and according to the time they have available.

Who this course is for:

  • Runners who would like to use yoga to run stronger and prevent injury
  • How Often Should You Do Yoga?


Certified Yoga Teacher and Fitness Instuctor

I’ve been a fitness instructor for 18 years, a yoga teacher for 13 years, and a runner and athletic enthusiast for most of my life. I believe we’re all capable of so much more than we realize, and it’s so much fun to watch that emerge as we work toward our goals. I love to travel, and I recently relocated to Las Vegas after six years in South America.

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