Your Guide to Learning Another Language Using Free Resources



What you’ll learn

  • Create a personalized language learning methodology

  • Structure a useful study plan that you can stick to

  • Use effective time management and motivation techniques for language learning

  • Find free and cheap language learning resources online, even for less commonly learned languages


  • Students need to already know what language they are going to study and be prepared to think about why they are studying that language

Whether you are a language learning beginner or already in the midst of your study, this course will guide you along to create an effective study plan using your own personalized methodology, as well as how to manage your time and motivate yourself to success in language learning. Not to mention the hundreds of free language learning resources that are revealed in the course to help you study on a budget right away!

This course is short and sweet, allowing you to glean the most useful information and techniques of effective language learning in about an hour, so you can be well on your way to using the PDF resources included in the course to jump start your learning, including a downloadable study plan template and a list of free online resources for 100+ languages!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to language learning and language students who are struggling to find an effective or a cheaper way to learn languages would benefit most from this course
  • Language learners who already have great study techniques or who don’t need to use free or cheap resources to learn languages may not find the course as useful
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English and Spanish Teacher

Hello, Hola! My name is Nikki, and I am a language teacher. I love studying languages and, of course, teaching them. With 10+ years of teaching under my belt, I’m excited to be bringing my teaching skills online. I’m looking forward to using my education and experience to help my students learn English and Spanish!

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